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We bring the finest gourmet specialties from around the globe and around the corner. We look for the best producers, using the finest ingredients, quality standards and sustainable packaging. Our customers know they can expect products that they are proud to sell and enjoy at their own dinner table.

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Three Foragers Bee Co.Three Foragers Creamed Honey

Featuring Three Foragers Pure Raw Creamed Honey. This is honey at its most luxurious: raw, pure, smooth. Whipped to perfection, we take all the goodness of our raw honey and turn it into a silky-smooth texture that will make your tastebuds buzz. Always unpasteurized, always unblended. Because you deserve honey the way nature intended.

This honey comes from nectar foraged primarily from alfalfa flowers, with a hint of sweet clover and wildflowers. It is mild, light, and subtly sweet, with complex floral flavours.




Grown in BC and made by hand in small batches, Hardbite Chips are like no other kettle chip on the market. Combining local potatoes with locally made spice blends, healthy mid oleic vegetable oils and just a touch of pure Himalayan crystallized salt, Homegrown Foods makes the best potato chip you'll have ever had. Best of all? That amazing flavour comes with a good amount of crunch!

Check out the new Avocado and Lime flavour for a perfect balance between the bold flavour of lime and the creaminess of an avocado.