Products : The Pleasantside Sausage Co.

The makers of Moccia Urbani Salami introduce The Pleasantside Sausage Co., their new line of sausages. Pleasantside is a collection of all natural sausages with unique flavour profiles. These sausages contain no additives, nitrates, phosphates or fillers and are GMO-free and gluten-free. Only premium, pasture raised pork from local farmers are used.

Pleasantside Salami Jerky is all natural, premium air dried and ready to eat! This makes a great protein snack is made without GMOs, additives, nitrates, phosphates, MSG or fillers.

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Sausages: Sweet Italian, Spicy Italian, Argentinian Chorizo, Toulouse, California Fig & Northern Breakfast. | Salami Jerky: Chilli Fennel, Garlic & Pepper, Red Wine Chipotle & California Fig.