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Omega-3 Free Run Eggs

Produced by hens fed a strictly vegetarian diet with generous amounts of flaxseed and feed that never contains any animal by–products, antibiotics, or synthetic yolk colour ingredients. These hens live in a Swiss aviary barn environment that allows space to scratch, dust bathe, and lay eggs in private nesting areas, and they can move freely within barns – from floor, to roosting areas, and perches.

Omega-3 Free Run Organic EGGS

All grains, seeds and grasses fed to the hens are GMO free, grown without herbicides or pesticides, and their feed – which contains no animal by–products, antibiotics or synthetic yolk colour ingredients – are certified by International Certification Services, Inc. (all supplier sources are verified). These hens enjoy the benefits of a unique Swiss aviary barn environment and they also have seasonal outdoor access, weather permitting.


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Omega-3 Free Run Eggs (12s & 18s) | Omega-3 Organic Eggs (12s & 6s)