Products : Hee-Haw Horseradish


Why you'll love it

Hee-Haw Damn Hot and Double Damn Hot Horseradishes are the increasingly hottest horseradishes the company has ever made...and you've probably every tried! They're also wickedly good tasting. A perfect pairing to the finest cuts of meat. 

To boot...Hee-Haw is truly a premium product because they HAND PEEL the horseradish root before grinding and mixing it in small batches. Getting rid of that nasty peel makes Hee-Haw Creamier, Hotter and definitely Less Bitter than any horseradish you've ever tried before. Treat your meat (& potatoes!) to the good stuff. You won't be disappointed!


Available In: 
The original Hot Damn and Double Hot Damn Horseradish 250ml