Products : Hardbite

BC's very own Hardbite has roots in potato farming that date back to 1920. The company has ownership of everything from seed to chip, ensuring the best ptoatoes and limited ingredients.

Hardbite chips are carefully cooked in small batches to ensure the highest quality and flavour.  Every bag of chips comes dressed in aromatic, natural seasonings. 

All Hardbite chips are gluten free, non-GMO, contain no MSG and no artificial anything!

Available In: 
Potato Chips: All Natural, Smokin' BBQ, Rock Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, Sweet Onion, Avocado & Lime, Wild Onion & Yogurt, Salt & Pepper, and Ketchup Vegetable Chips: Sweet Potato Chips, Beet Chips, Carrot Chips & Parsnip Chips.