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Dilmah offers a variety of teas that are traditional and orthodox, made using a process perfected over generations.  Founder of Dilmah, Merrill J. Fernando and his family have built their business around their love for tea.  They believe "tea is nature's gift to mankind." Every pack of Dilmah tea carries Merrill's personal guarantee reflecting his sincere commitment to Dilmah tea. Merril not only has a commitment to his tea, but is committed to making business a matter of human service. 

Global sale revenues of Dilmah fund the work of the MJF Charitable Foundation in Sri Lanka and abroad.  The MJF Charitable Foundation has a positive impact in the lives of over 10,000 people each year through more than 100 different humanitarian projects.

Available In: 
Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe, Ceylon Supreme, Ceylon Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Camomile, Peppermint Herb, Chai Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Mint Green Tea, Lemongrass Green Tea & Premium Ceylon Tea.