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The vision of Safie Specialty Foods Company, Inc. remains true to classic tradition in creating culinary masterpieces. Their passion for food and love of cooking dictates a level of quality that will never be compromised in the ingredients they use or in the service they provide to customers.

Farm fresh and hand-picked beets, cucumbers, asparagus, beans, peppers, onions, cauliflower, and okra brew magnificent delicacies as Safies welcomes you to the “Art and Sophistication of Home-Style Canning”.

Available In: 
Bread & Butter Pickles, Sweet & Hot Bread & Butter Pickles, Hot Zesty Garden Mix, Pickled Asparagus Spears, Dill Pickle Beans, Hot & Tangy Dill Pickle Beans, Deli Style Dill Pickles, Hot & Spicy Deli Style Dill Pickles, Sexy Hot Pickled Asparagus and Organic Pickled Beets