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From humble beginnings in 1885, the cheesemakers of Pine River Cheese & Butter Co-operative have been making their unique brand of high quality aged cheddar cheeses. Fiercely independent and one of the few remaining farmer’s co-operatives, Pine River Cheese has been owned and operated by the dairy farmers of Bruce County for five generations.


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Organic Mozzarella, Organic Mozzarella Shreds, Organic Mild Cheddar Pre-pack, Organic Marble Cheddar Pre-pack, Organic Cheddar with caramelized Onion Pre-pack, Organic Cheddar with Tomato & Basil Pre-pack, Organic Medium Cheddar Pre-pack, Old White Cheddar Pre-pack, Pressato Cheese with Chillies, Pressato Cheese with Olives, Craft Beer Cheese Puck, Caprino Al Vino and Chocolate Cheese Fudge